Enterprise Restaurant Management Platform

Increase Speed of Delivery While Enhancing Customer Experience

Nirvana XP will keep up with your fast-paced restaurant by processing orders at lightning speed. Nirvana XP's Feature-Rich Platform will also WOW consumers so you can maintain quality and increase speed.

Process Orders With Lightning Speed Without Ever Compromising on Quality with Our Fast Casual POS System

With Nirvana XP’s Fast Casual POS system, you will be able to keep up with the fast paced environment of a typical fast casual restaurant, while keeping the quality intact, thereby enhancing the customer’s dining experience.

It’s not just about speed; it’s about bringing customers back – again and again

Nirvana XP isn’t just fast; it helps build customer relationships that create raving fans and repeat business.

Increase revenue with Nirvana XP’s Intelligent Reporting

Nirvana XP’s built-in reporting features allow you to make informed decisions, even in the most fast-paced restaurant environment.

“On an average, we process 400 orders a day and Nirvana XP has truly helped us stay ahead of the game by delivering a speedy order taking system. Before we had Nirvana XP, we used to write the orders down. With Nirvana XP’s i-Pad based solution, we have also been able to streamline processes and have great reporting tools at our fingertips.”

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Online Orders Through App & Web

Make it super easy and convenient for your customers to order food either online or using our all-in-one dining app for Consumers.

Online Payment

Allow your customers to make payments online.

Real-time inventory deduction

Effortlessly track inventory, cost of goods sold and profits in real time.