When speed of service, time and space come at a premium.

” “We are a fast-paced, family-owned and operated restaurant with an average of over 400 orders a day. This means we need to be racing to deliver the goods to our customers. As the manager, I have been able to streamline my operations with Nirvana XP’s all-in-one platform. The tablet-based system has made taking orders a breeze. I can’t imagine running my restaurant without Nirvana XP.”

About Curry House Zen

Curry House Zen is a fast-paced, family owned Japanese Curry restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada, serving an array of curries with fresh ingredients. They have two locations in the city and are in growth mode at the moment.

The Problem

Being a busy, fast-paced restaurant is a dream, but for Yuta, it had become a problem. This is because they were using an interface that wasn’t helping them achieve their real potential. The restaurant was in growth mode and ready to open multiple locations and franchise the concept but did not have the technology to support this growth.

Client's Objectives

The client’s objectives were to be able to increase the speed of service many folds and have access to reliable data regarding the most popular menu dishes, etc. for better menu planning. The ultimate goal is to open multiple locations and franchise the concept. Curry House Zen has already franchised one location in Las Vegas.

How Nirvana XP Helped

With Nirvana XP, the restaurant was able to reduce all those time-consuming tasks to an unbelievable extent. At the end of the day, Yuta could just open the system and see what the best selling items were on any given day – he now has access to the data that enables better decision making. 

Being 100% cloud-based, was a significant benefit for them as they are short on space. There is no need for big equipment, printers, etc., an advantage for a super busy, yet small operation. Yuta was not only able to free up his time but also the space in the restaurant, which is always at a premium.

The benefits and value compared to low initial and ongoing fees have been enormous for this operation.

“All those tasks that took me hours would npw be done very quickly. We didn’t need any of the big equipment as NIrvana XP stores everything on the cloud. My EOD reports are a breeze. Menu planning is mjuch more effective. The benefits versus the cost of this system are just huge. I don’t know how I ever ran my restaurant without Norvana XP.”

The Nirvana XP Difference


Increased Speed of Service

Freed up time

Freed up space

Ease of Use, Intuitive Interface

Quick & Easy EOD Reporting

Increased Efficiency

Business Intelligence