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 “As both an Executive chef and restaurant owner, I can you the value of Nirvana XP provides is second to none. With the help of Nirvana XP, we have been able to streamline our kitchen-to-table operations. We could not have found a solution more aligned to our goals than this one.”

About Bratalian

Bratalian is a full-service, fine dining restaurant and bar, owned by Executive Chef Carla Pellegrino in Henderson, Nevada. It is known for renowned and awarded Chef Carla Pellegrino’s Authentic Italian Neapolitan Cantina (Casual homemade Italian dining room), which has created a warm, cozy atmosphere which draws people from all over the country to experience the best regional Italian cooking in the Las Vegas/Henderson area.

The Problem

Having worked in several high-profile restaurants, when Carla opened her own restaurant, she was looking for an affordable, easy-to-use solution that would help her do everything from menu planning to employee management.

She had used big, expensive, bulky systems that came with lots of devices and created clutter. Carla found it difficult to work with these systems as she is not very tech-savy and as a busy restaurant owner and Executive Chef, managing her time is critical.


Client's Objectives

The client’s objectives were to foster innovation, improve efficiency both back and front of he house, get insightful date to help make better decisions, and deliver extraordinary customer experience. 

Carla’s ultimate goal was to free up her time so she could focus on growing her business. 

In order to accomplish these goals, the client wanted to set up an all-in-one, integrated, secure, cloud based system to help them with employee mangement, menu planning, customer experience, and business intelligence reporting that could be used by just about anyone. 

How Nirvana XP Helped

With Nirvana XP, Bratalian was up and running in less than a day. They were amazed by the value they received as it did more than the big POS solutions and yet, costed less than a fraction of the cost of these big names. They were able to not only save time an dmoney, but found a solution that was cloud-based, with no big equipment required and very easy to use.
Project Characteristics:
Initial set-up time: 2 days against the industry average of 
Initial Investment:
 Used by the client for

“I have worked with the Micros and Pinnacles of the restaurant technology world, and I can confidently say, Nirvana XP can do everything these big, bulky systems can (and more), at a fraction of their cost. I no longer have eye sores like wires and bulky equipment; everything is secure and on the cloud. Menu planning is a breeze and the reporting is outstanding!”

The Nirvana XP Difference

Benefits Delivered to Bratalian

All-in-one Mobile Application

Enterprise-level Flexibility

Affordable Price, Low Initial Investment

Quick Initial Set-up

Easy to use, Intuitive Interface

Improved Menu Planning for the Chef


Faster Table Turn Times

Increased Efficiency

Increased Employee Productivity

Reliable Business Intelligence

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