Enterprise Restaurant Management Platform

Built With Multi-Location Scalability

Nirvana XP was specifically built for large, multi-location restaurants of all types, offering scalability, flexibility, security, speed of service, and ease of use.

Scalable Yet Flexible

We go the extra mile to make sure we tailor our platform to meet your unique concept’s needs and goals.

With Nirvana XP, you will be able to process high volumes of orders at all locations without system slowdown and bottlenecks.


Nirvana XP’s secure, cloud-based mobile restaurant management platform is 100% safe and secure as is the customer’s data – at all times. All transactions and payments are securely handled. In fact, we pride ourselves in making sure our customers are always compliant with the latest payment protocols and EMV.

Multi-Location Management

Track, run and manage an entire chain restaurant, multiple chains and concepts from one single, secure and extremely flexible platform. With Nirvana XP’s feature-rich, fully customizable platform, your multiple locations will interact with each other within a highly secure and integrated eco-system. Centralized inventory, ingredient and menu management help you reduce the overwhelm and show you the big picture so you can further grow your business and enter new territories.

Multi-Location Business Intelligence

Have access to accurate, reliable, fully customizable brand-level reporting at your finger tips. Generate centralized and location-wise inventory, ingredient, employee, sales, orders, customer relationship management, and revenue reports. Analyze and make location-specific changes based on overall tastes, preferences, etc. as well as employee shifts, hours of operation to reduce waste and increase profitability.