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Robust features tailored to suit the size and unique type of restaurant you own. Whether you own a fine dining restaurant, quick service, fast casual joint, a cafe, or even a food truck, we've got all the features you need to be successful. With rich features like employee scheduling, inventory management, menu planning, mobile ordering, reservations, feedback, intelligence reporting, and much more, Nirvana XP gives you an enterprise-level (yet flexible and affordable), cloud-based, real-time solution for all your business needs on a single, integrated platform.


With our range of ordering features, you will be able to process orders at lightning speed and in many different ways. From quick orders for QSRs or in-store and pick-up orders, online orders, and digital menus to a one-of-a-kind Kitchen Display Management that tracks per item, and much more. Each order, no matter where it comes from, goes straight into Nirvana XP”s breakthrough KDS.

Table Management

Proactively manage the restaurant floor with this sophisticated feature, which allows your host/ hostess, servers, food runners, busses and managers to catch issues before they happen as it displays turn time, table status at every step of the way. This allows the staff to provide top org customer service and encourages employee accountability.

Tableside Ordering

When servers take orders using a handheld device, it helps enhance the dining experience for the customers and makes order taking far more efficient for the servers.

Quick Orders

Step up the service accelerator at your Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) with our ‘cash n carry’ feature; the order will close in 8 seconds along with KOT and receipt for customer. That’s because speed matters most for QSRs.

In-store Orders

Speed up the ordering process in-store and improve service with our In-store Orders feature.

Pick-up Orders

Create efficiency with take-out orders at your restaurant or QSR.

Delivery Orders

Ensure deliveries are accurate and made in a timely manner to the customers.

Online Orders Through Web

Allow your customers to order the way they prefer it – if they don’t have the Consumer app, they can order using the web plugin.

Online Orders Through App

Make it super easy and convenient for your customers to order food using our all-in-one dining app for Consumers.

Global Item Master and Attributes

Give your operation the ability to have a global-level insight for multiple locations. Add or make changes to item and attributes in one place and have the changes reflect across the entire platform instantaneously.

Kitchen Display System

Gain detailed insights into how long it takes for each item within an order to complete (Nirvana XP) versus just how long it takes to complete the entire order (most other restaurant POS) so you can use this line-level information to fix bottlenecks and improve processes, etc. This is why our Kitchen Display Management system is ‘one-of-a-kind.’

Food Runner and Expo Station

Track and monitor overall order progress including items and status of each item for all stations. Each station will have the ability to see their own items and mark them complete.


Give your customers all the options when it comes to self-ordering, like order ahead of time (and pick up at a pre-defined date), in-store orders, pick-up orders, and additional orders for delivery. Every order, irrespective of origin, goes straight to the Kitchen Display System (KDS).

Order Ahead

Customers have the benefit of ordering ahead of time with a pre-defined pick-up date in the future.

In-store Orders

Let your customers use the self-service kiosk to order as soon as they enter your restaurant.

Pick-up Orders

Allow your customers to place their now orders for pick up.

Deliver Orders

Your customers can create their own delivery orders.


Deliver an exceptional dining experience for your customers before they even arrive at your door. With Nirvana XP, customers have many ways of reserving their tables, getting on the waitlist, checking in ahead of time, and even ordering in advance when they reserve their table online. Every feature has several WOW moments built into it.

Online Reservations

Have your customers easily reserve a table using the web plugin on your website, if they are not using the NXP for Consumers app.

Online Check-in

Your customers can easily check-in using the web plugin on your website, even if they don’t have the NXP Consumer App.

In-store Reservation and Waitlist

Nirvana XP’s self-service kiosks allow customers to create reservations and get on the waitlist as soon as they step foot in your restaurant.

Reservations Through App

With the Nirvana XP Consumer app, your customers can reserve a table right from their mobile phones.

Check-in Through App

Let your customers check in before they even arrive using Nirvana XP’s all-in-one dining app.

Advance Order With Reservation

Give your customers the ability to put in their order as soon as they reserve a table.


Take customer service to new heights by giving your guests the convenience and flexibility of every payment option you can think of – let them pay online, via the app or on their phones.

Payment Gateway Integration

Nirvana XP is a PCI Compliant solution for your restaurant.

Apple Pay

Nirvana XP allows you accept payments through Apple Pay.

EMV Chip and Pin Compliant

Nirvana XP is an EMV chip and pin compliant payment solution.

Cash Management

Easily manage your cash using our Cash Management feature.

Card Swipe

Your customers can make payments by swiping the card.

Payment Gateway Integration

Give your customers a secure way to enter their payment information.

Online Payment

Allow your customers to make payments online.

Express Checkout

It’s a win-win for both the customer and the staff when you value their time. Customers can check out using their own mobile device. In a busy bar, no-one will have to wait for another drink or their check.


Delight your customers and engage with them from before they enter your restaurant to long after they have left.


Manage issues before your customers have left your restaurant using the real-time Feedback option. Allow your customers to provide feedback directly to you, instead of venting online or to their-party feedback sites.

Reservation History

With information on your customers’ reservation history, you will always know how often and when your particular customers reserve a table and visit your restaurant.

Order History

Deliver a superlative customer dining experience by getting to know your customers well, including their tastes, preferences, special dietary needs, etc. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you will be sure to WOW your customers.

Payment History

Get to know your customers’ spending habits at your restaurant to know exactly how they like to pay for their meals, and much more.

Visit Count

Delight your customers by knowing when and now how many times they visit you to help with strategic marketing offers, promotions, and decisions.


Take the guesswork out of planning, forecasting, and reporting to strategize for sales, profit, process efficiencies, customer relationship management, inventory and employee management, as well as revenue and growth with Nirvana XP’s secure, reliable, accurate Business Intelligence (BI). Plus you keep your data with you.

Order Management Report

Manage all your orders from one system and know what your best selling items are, the busiest times, problems in service and average number of menu items customers order.

Floor Management Report

Remove bottlenecks in service, plan tables for guests more efficiently and much more with the simple-to-use and powerful Floor Management Reports.

Employee Management Report

Better manage your team and shift rotations by pulling your staff’s hours and then cross-checking them with a sales-by-shift report.

EOD Sales

Find out not only exactly how much money you bring in at the end of the day, but also what time of day you sell most and which products are your best sellers for effective and accurate sales reporting.

Invoice & Stock Management Reports

Have all your invoices and stock/ inventory management reports at your fingertips to streamline processes, reduce waste and be on top of invoices.

Purchase Report

Make managing and reporting a breeze with access to your purchase reports at all times.


Streamline Back of House operations and processes with Nirvana XP’s state-of-the-art Inventory Management features. Enable waste reduction and know your inventory down to the last ingredient. Save both time and money with this system as it allows you to buy the right quantities at the right time.

Purchase Management

Manage all your purchases on a single, integrated platform to streamline your Back of House operations.

Allotment Report

Distribute resources systematically across the restaurant and over different time periods.

Product Ingredient Management

Ensure recipe and food safety compliance, track inventory, eliminate scaling and mixing errors, so your guests can enjoy consistent food made in a safe kitchen.

Real-time inventory deduction

Effortlessly track inventory, cost of goods sold and profits in real time.

Centralized Inventory Management

Grow your multi-location restaurant by managing inventory across locations and chains.

Centralized Menu Management

Make managing a multi-location restaurant a piece of cake with centralized menu management across locations and chains.

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