Enterprise Restaurant Management Platform


NIRVANA XP’s all-in-one restaurant management platform for your Restaurant & Bar is built by a restauranteur and has its eye on speed, reliability, security, and efficiency. You’ll be able to easily track your best-selling items, how much inventory you have, and what needs to be restocked giving you full control of your inventory, and much more.

“As both an Executive chef and restaurant owner, I can you the value of Nirvana XP provides is second to none. With the help of Nirvana XP, we have been able to streamline our kitchen-to-table operations. We could not have found a solution more aligned to our goals than this one. As a restaurant owner and chef whose number one priority is providing an extraordinary guest experience, Nirvana XP helps us accomplish this with so much ease. I have an extremely hectic schedule; and it’s magical how Nirvana XP has been able to free up my time so I can really focus on growing my business.”

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NirvanaXP Dark Form

Robust features like employee management, inventory management, customer data, waitlist, reservations, feedback, etc. give you the ability to work on your business instead of in your business..

Tableside Ordering

When servers take orders using a handheld device, it helps enhance the dining experience for the customers and makes order taking far more efficient for the servers.

Table Layouts

Mimic your exact restaurant layout on an i-Pad with the ability to view your table layouts on your i-Pad screen along with timers, so you know exactly what’s going on at your restaurant even if not physically present on the floor. Now you can truly work on growing your business.

Express Checkout

It’s a win-win for both the customer and the staff when you value their time. Customers can check out using their own mobile device. In a busy bar, no-one will have to wait for another drink or their check.

Kitchen Display System

Gain detailed insights into how long it takes for each item within an order to complete (Nirvana XP) versus just how long it takes to complete the entire order (most other restaurant POS) so you can use this line-level information to fix bottlenecks and improve processes, etc. This is why our Kitchen Display Management system is ‘one-of-a-kind.’