Top most Cloud Based Restaurant POS System in Pune

Online restaurant management software

NirvanaXp is restaurant management software is employed to systematically run a profitable, successful restaurant business.
It brings breakthrough restaurant application technology that’s truly enterprise-level that gives flexibility and value. Integrations Made Easy Meanwhile, this software customely integrated with any hardware and you don’t need to change a thing. It is often Windows based POS system, Android based POS system, and IOS based POS system which offers a good range of advantages to businesses.
As an example , it’s designed to assist enhance managerial capabilities since it are often accessed from anywhere, anytime. Thus, managers can easily attend to their work even on the go or reception.

Front of the house
Empower your employees with the proper technology to deliver a tremendous guest experience. With our Point of sale, handheld technology and self-serve kiosks, you’ll be ready to release some time and supply a seamless dining experience for your guests.
Deliver an exceptional dining experience for your customers before they even reach your door. With Nirvana XP, customers have some ways of reserving their tables, aged the waitlist, checking in before time, and even ordering beforehand once they reserve their table online.
Your guests will have the power to simply reserve a table or sign up using the online plugin or the NXP Consumer app. Allow employees to punch in to an equivalent Point of Sale system and track their hours including breaks from the rear office.
With Nirvana XP, catering orders are available through an equivalent system so you’ll track everything from one centralized location. Create your entire plan and manage it efficiently. With Nirvana XP, your managers are going to be ready to turn more tables and identify areas that require more service.
Allow your customers to select up their orders and confirm delivery is on-point. Also generate order for corporate orders.
End of Day management which may be modified consistent with role.

Processor agnostic Payment service
Enjoy complete flexibility as you’ll use any payment processor with our software.
Take customer service to new heights by giving your guests the convenience and adaptability of each payment option you’ll consider – allow them to pay online, via the app or on their phones. Utilize your remote gadgets, Apple Pay or Point of Sale.
Nirvana XP might be a PCI Compliant answer for your restaurant. Nirvana XP is an EMV chip and pin consistent installment arrangement.
Effectively deal with your money utilizing our Cash Management highlight. Your customers can make payments by swiping the cardboard. Give your customers secure thanks to enter their payment information.
It’s a win-win for both the customer and therefore the staff once you value their time. Customers can inspect using their own mobile device. During a busy bar, no-one will need to await another drink or their check.
NXP Business App


It is challenging enough to run a business. The last thing you want is a Point of Sale system that becomes overwhelming.
Nirvana XP offers a simple, powerful Point of Sale that will boost your bottom-line. Nirvana XP Business is easy to set up and has every
feature you need to take your business to the next level.

POS System
Get all the Point of sale features you need to skyrocket profits and increase efficiencies using a simple, but powerful cash register, iPad and receipt printer setup.

Cloud Based
Manage your operations and access data from anywhere, at any time.

Real-Time updates
Get real-time updates and data, including cash register transactions, employee shifts, inventory, online orders and much more.

Front of the house operations
Make your front of the house smile and deliver an amazing guest experience using technology that.

Back of the House operations
Manage your entire back-office operations remotely. See your business in real-time from anywhere, anytime.

Deliver a great dining experience by providing multiple payment options and use an integrated system so you can easily process payments.