Best Restaurant Inventory Management System

Restaurant inventory management software

Manage, Update and Track Inventory While Increasing Profits
Nirvana XP is a state-of-the-art Inventory Management system which enables waste reduction and knows your inventory right down to the last ingredient. Save both time and money with this system because it allows you to buy for the right quantities at the right time.
Our comprehensive inventory solution provides you with multiple facets of the rear of the house function like Physical inventory, Product schedule and buys order.
• Inventory as a separate module to be used .
• Client get access to only Inventory related functions.
• Physical Inventory, Production Schedule, PO Create, Receive & Fulfill.
• Handle production orders and assign physical inventory accordingly.
• This could be a Back of the House arrangement in particular!
Purchase Management
Manage all of your purchases on one, integrated platform to streamline your Back of House operations.
Allotment Report
Disseminate assets deliberately over the restaurant and over various time frames.
Product Ingredient Management
Ensure recipe and food safety compliance, track inventory, and eliminate scaling and mixing errors, so your guests can enjoy consistent food made during a secure kitchen.
Real-time inventory deduction
Effortlessly tracks inventory, cost of products sold and profits in real time.
Centralized Inventory Management
Grow your multi-area restaurant overseeing stock across areas and chains.
Centralized Menu Management
Make managing a multi-location restaurant a touch of cake with centralized menu management across locations and chains.
Real-time Invoice & Stock Management Reports
Have all of your invoices and stock/ inventory management reports at your fingertips to streamline processes, reduce waste and obtain on top of invoices.
Purchase Report
Force Your Restaurant with Real Data Not Just Intuition

NXP Business App

It is challenging enough to run a business. The last thing you want is a Point of Sale system that becomes overwhelming.
Nirvana XP offers a simple, powerful Point of Sale that will boost your bottom-line. Nirvana XP Business is easy to set up and has every
feature you need to take your business to the next level.
POS System
Get all the Point of sale features you need to skyrocket profits and increase efficiencies using a simple, but powerful cash register, iPad and receipt printer setup.

Cloud Based
Manage your operations and access data from anywhere, at any time.

Real-Time updates
Get real-time updates and data, including cash register transactions, employee shifts, inventory, online orders and much more.

Front of the house operations
Make your front of the house smile and deliver an amazing guest experience using technology that.

Back of the House operations
Manage your entire back-office operations remotely. See your business in real-time from anywhere, anytime.

Deliver a great dining experience by providing multiple payment options and use an integrated system so you can easily process payments.