We are an Enterprise-level Restaurant Management Platform with every tool you need to run a profitable, successful restaurant business. We’re bringing breakthrough restaurant application technology that is truly enterprise-level that provides flexibility and value.

Watch this video to find out why we started Nirvana XP and what it can do for your restaurant business.


Our mission is to help restaurant owners and managers work ON their business instead of IN it so they can grow their business to multiple locations using innovative, breakthrough, integrated, simple to use technology.


Samir Khatri

Head Program Management

Business Intelligence and data management are a big part of what we do at Nirvana XP and Samir is our expert who keeps it all together.

Geetika Chhatwal

Marketing & PR Strategy

Geetika from Hootify Marketing & PR knows how to tell a good story and streamlines our messaging and brand so it reaches our target markets.

Ryan Patel

Advisory Board Member

We like nothing better than picking Ryan’s brain when we are excited about a new product or idea.

Naushil Ravindranath

Vice President, Advanced Analytics and AI

Builds and Manages Analytics and Artificial intelligence (AI) Roadmap, Analyze, define and track high performance business metrics, Oversee design, development and implementation of AI financial models.

Sharath Shaji

Associate, Advanced Analytics and AI

Analyze the business process, Identify new opportunities that drive significant improvement to business performance.

Krupa Desai

Graphic Designer

Krupa from Kr8veDesign breathes life to our concepts and ideas so we can take them to the market.

Ankur Lamba

Head Platform Architecture

Our team’s official juggler, Ankur is a multi-tasker extraordinnaire, working simultaneously on multiple projects.

Kris Parikh

Founder / CEO

Kris’ driving purpose is to help restaurant owners with easy-to-use technology that enables them to work on their business instead of in their business.

Why Nirvana XP?

The point of sale Platform Powering the Most Successful Restaurants

Cloud-based reports and real-time reporting at your fingertips
Flexible payment processing so you are not stuck with any one system
Easy integrations so everything flows onto one platform
Offline mode so the internet never slows you down
Ease of use and quick set-up

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