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Attract New Guests and Bring Existing Diners Back With Our Consumer-facing Technology

Grow Your Business With Robust Technology To Delight Customers And Bring Them Back For More

Today’s consumers are hungry for more than just food. They want digital experiences. In a digital world, technology is critical for building relationships with your diners, driving the user experience, and ultimately growing your business. Nirvana XP Consumer app is designed keeping your customers in mind. Our solution allows your diners to engage with your business when they want to and from wherever they want to.

Take Your Business To Your Diners

Get ahead of the times (and your diners) by providing transparent, guest-facing technology to serve them where they are.

A powerful customer-facing dining technology creates a more personalized guest experience, and therefore, a higher profit potential for the business.

Self Ordering

Give your customers all the options when it comes to self-ordering, like order ahead of time (and pick up at a pre-defined date), in-store orders, pick-up orders, and additional orders for delivery. Every order, irrespective of origin, goes straight to the Kitchen Display System (KDS).

  • Order Ahead

    Customers have the benefit of ordering ahead of time with a pre-defined pick-up date in the future.

  • In-store Orders

    Let your customers use the self-service kiosk to order as soon as they enter your restaurant.

  • Pick-up Orders

    Allow your customers to place their now orders for pick up.

  • Delivery Orders

    Your customers can create their own delivery orders.


Online Orders Through App

Make it super easy and convenient for your customers to order food using our all-in-one dining app for Consumers.

In-store Reservation and Waitlist

Nirvana XP’s self-service kiosks allow customers to create reservations and get on the waitlist as soon as they step foot in your restaurant.

Reservations Through App

With the Nirvana XP Consumer app, your customers can reserve a table right from their mobile phones.

Check-in Through App

Let your customers check in before they even arrive using Nirvana XP’s all-in-one dining app.

Advance Order With Reservation

Give your customers the ability to put in their order as soon as they reserve a table.

Nirvana XP Provides a Complete Solution

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