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Delivery is serious business. Adding delivery to your business can be daunting but it is the order of the day. Customers want convenience and for a lot of dining establishments, food delivery has become part of the core business. With NXP Driver, you will have the latest technology when it comes to your food delivery business. You need to count on the right technology for your delivery operations. We have the solution for you!

NXP Driver provides a complete, turnkey logistics solution for businesses that want to automate, manage and enhance their food delivery operations.

Delivery Application for Drivers

This solution has been designed specifically for drivers so they can accurately fulfill delivery orders on time, every time.

Business Assigns drivers to Orders
Driver starts Delivery for assigned Orders

The driver receives a notification through hos app and starts the process.

GPS-based map to guide Drivers

The app contains a GPS-based map to help the driver get from Point A to Point B.

Track Driver status

The customer, as well as the business, can track the driver’s status at any given time.

Want to Use a Third-party Delivery Service?

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Nirvana XP Provides a Complete Solution

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