Kitchen Display System (Full-touch configured)

A unique, one-of-a-kind, breakthrough Kitchen Display System to Stramline Back Of House Operations

Eliminate Inaccurate Order Taking and Unnecessary Paper Trail

Send all orders, irrespective of source, directly to the kitchen, thereby eliminating inaccuracies and paper trail.

Don’t lose customers because of inaccurate orders. There is a huge cost associated with redoing an inaccurate order – making you lose productivity, time, money and customers. Our solution helps you eliminate that costly error.

Bump Individual Items and Also The Entire Order

Unlike most other Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) in the market that tracks by orders, Nirvana XP’s KDS can track by line items. This gives restaurant operators and managers another layer of Business Intelligence regarding the time taken to complete specific line items.

Fix Service Issues And Bottlenecks And Gain An Additional Layer Of Business Intelligence

Gain detailed insights into how long it takes for each item within an order to complete (Nirvana XP) versus just how long it takes to complete the entire order (most other restaurant Point of Sale) so you can use this line-level information to fix bottlenecks and improve processes, etc. This is why our Kitchen Display Management system is ‘one-of-a-kind.’


    1. Kitchen Display System (Full Touch configured)
    2. Ability to bump individual items & also the entire Order
    3. Label Printing (Printing Order tickets that can be stuck to To – Go containers). Labels can be printed from both the Business App and KDS
    4. Recipe View (View the recipe/ingredients of each item)
    5. All day summary (Of items currently active)

Nirvana XP Provides a Complete Solution

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Nirvana XP Is Built To Work With All Types of Restaurants.

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